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Social Media Management

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Running a small business keeps you busy.  Most entrepreneurs wear a multitude of different hats, and posting updates, writing blogs, and updating pictures is one more task that you may not have the time or energy for.  Let the experts at Armstrong Web Dynamics manage your social media for you, and free up time to focus on other aspects of your business.

All of our Social Media Management contracts are month to month and can be cancelled at anytime without penalty.  After signing, simply make our team an authorized user on your account, and we get right to work.

Here are our most popular programs, but we of course can tailor a program according to your businesses needs:

  • Blog writing:  1 post per week ($100.00 monthly)

  • Facebook, X, IG:  (2 channels of your choice) (2 posts per week ($100 monthly)

  • Page Responses:  $100 monthly

  • Email Marketing Campaigns:  $100 monthly

Before each posting we will send you a copy to authorize for publishing.



Armstrong Web Dynamins in Beverly Hills, Florida social media management
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